Group Accommodation

Whether you’re a group of hikers or holidaymakers on the go, take a pit stop in one of our group gites, and enjoy a warm and cosy atmosphere in the countryside!

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Come and explore our heritage, and enjoy a trip to our natural sites to discover the architecture of our castles, the diversity of our museums, the amazing formations of our caves and pitches... not to mention all of our historic heritage!

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Gite Resorts and Rental Housing

Ideal for family reunions or holidays with friends, our gite villages and rental housing facilities combine comfort, relaxation, activities and get-togethers, while allowing you to remaining autonomous in a friendly family atmosphere!

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Holiday Resorts and Holiday Homes

Ideal for a stay with family or friends, a holiday village lets you enjoy relaxation, togetherness, freedom and activities for everyone! Sit back and relax, we'll take care of everything!

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