Pont d’Arc Ardeche is a land made up of water and limestone, providing the right conditions for the formation of multiple cavities! Our land is full of caves and pitches, as well as majestic, crystalline concretions, often in unlikely shapes.

Pass Ardèche

With the Pass’Ardèche, the more you visit, the less you spend!

PASS Ardèche

Organize your program over 3, 6 days or year-round and enjoy an access free of charge to the 35 partner cultural and leisure sites of the operation.

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1 Pass'Ardèche 35 amazing experiences!

35 main museums and leisure attractions to discover Ardèche: wildlife parks, fabulous underworlds, tradition and territory, history and heritage...

1. Musée des Papeteries Canson et Montgolfier
2. Musée du Charronnage au car
3. Train de l’Ardèche (parcours Train des Gorges)*
4. La Cité du Chocolat Valrhona
5. École du Vent
6. L’Arche des Métiers
7. La maison du bijou
8. Site archéologique de Soyons
9. Jardin des Trains Ardéchois
10. Ardelaine
11. Ferme de Bourlatier
12. Écomusée du Moulinage
13. Maison Champanhet, Musée des savoir-faire ardéchois
14. Abbatiale Sainte Marie
15. Parc animalier de Lussas
16. Domaine Olivier de Serres
17. MuséAl, musée et site antique d’Alba-la-Romaine
18. Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation en Ardèche
19. Château de Vogüé
20. Paléodécouvertes : Muséum de l'Ardèche
21. Terra Cabra
22. Castanea, Espace découverte de la Châtaigne d'Ardèche
23. Mas Daudet
24. Néovinum - Vignerons Ardéchois
25. Ver à soie Musée-Magnanerie
26. Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche*
27. Domaine Lavandaïs, Maison de la lavande
28. Aven Marzal
29. Château des Roure
30. Grotte de la Madeleine
31. Grotte Saint Marcel
32. Aven Grotte Forestière
33. Aven d’Orgnac Grand Site de France
34. Grotte de la Cocalière
35. Grotte de la Salamandre

* Be careful, upon reservation only.


  • - 3-day Pass (72 consecutive hours) : 39€. - 6-day Pass (144 consecutive hours) : 49€. - Yearly Pass (365 consecutive days) : 79€
  • Pass activated from the first visit.



Cultural Sites

Museums to find out about the history of exceptional men and women, indestructible castles bearing witnesses of bygone eras and fun areas for unforgettable family moments! We invite you on a journey through time, between history and prehistory. Enjoy your visit!

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Did you know? Ardeche is one of the French departments with the largest concentrations of dolmens – collective burial sites built in the late Neolithic period at the beginning of the Early Bronze Age. They are spread out mainly over the Pont d'Arc - Ardeche area!

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Shards of flint, the crackling of a campfire, ochres on the walls... The earth of Pont d'Arc Ardeche has been trodden and inhabited since prehistoric times. Various vestiges remain today, including the oldest cave paintings in the world, which are located in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave!

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